What is it with women, huh? Well, particularly women in their 20s, I mean Dude!


I know there are oodles of really funky, good-golly-miss-molly women-folk around the place, but then there are the others. I’d like to briefly focus on them, because they are super nuts. And fun to rant about.


My rant shall outline several bits of cockapoopoo that are often a part of relationships not exactly involving soul-mates. These could be considered the ‘immature relationships’…yes, I’m questioning some of the goings-on in that complicated mind of the twenty-something chicky as guys attempt to be ‘more than friends’.

Let’s start with a couple of general observations on current trends.


‘He’s just not that into you’


Women are far far more likely to read relationship books. Now, just like diet books – I reckon that they can be handy as a guideline and for some new perspectives, or even for pure entertainment, but perhaps not best used as a Bible me thinks. Ditto goes for using it as a weapon of mass destruction…I’ve had nothing but negative repercussions from book-related massacres.


A while back I was with a girl, let’s call her Sally (because that was her name), now this young lass somehow came to the conclusion that “I’m just not that into her.” This was because I had done something that, according to the book, meant that I wasn’t ‘into her’. She reacted very angrily and decided to repeatedly poke me with a pointed stick, even though her assumption from the book had nothing to do with the reality of what was going on. And yet that didn’t help heal my copious pointed stick wounds any faster.


The ‘Sex and the City’ thing


It turned out that she had continually been going back to the book in search of anything I was doing that may have aligned with said book’s bon mots. This chicky is not alone in doing such things. Maybe it’s not always a book, but another alternative is having a goss session with the girls. Oh yes… Let’s get together with the girls and analyze everything HE did during our time together yesterday. Does the series ‘Sex and the city’ come to mind? It’s constantly: “When he said that, what did he really mean?”


What’s the deal? This was happening before the TV show, but even more so since.

The guy and girl spend the day together, they part ways, and then it’s goss time with the girls!


The giggling gaggle then get the incomplete, edited, second hand, ‘filtered’ version…and make judgements based on that. Of course, they also relate it back to their own personal experiences and their personal beliefs about men. Then all that is fired back as ‘their opinion of him’, which of course is gospel to the chicky who’s seeking direction from this wise posse of enlightened relationship experts. All of this is carried around with every interaction, along with her personal checklist to compare against, and her rule-book of how to keep the power in the relationship. Holy cow man!


… to be continued. Pause for breath.

Why 24 year old women suck. Volume 1

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