Hey baby, what’s shakin’?

Piss off you stupid jerk.


I want you to listen to me very closely… your unconscious nose… that’s right. You’re thinking those thoughts you’re thinking, and it’s a good thing to think those thoughts, and that means… one could be ready to give one one, well you know you’d like to don’t you? And you can, in fact you are – feeling even more like it, that is.

Um, yes but, no but, I’m, what?


That’s right, the question I ask you is this – what wouldn’t happen if you didn’t not stop doing the things that are not creating the life that isn’t currently a non-mirror image reverse of what reality appears to be through the filter of your banana coloured lenses. Yes, your eyes are trained to see, and they serve you well.

Um, I think so, huh, the mirror what? Who the hell are you?


Indeed your unconscious does ask many things, and speaking to you as one who is completely irresistible to the opposite sex – it’s important to be more aware of those thoughts that you’re thinking, because you are, as you continue to breath and blink every – that’s right – and this is all leading to an even greater level of desire to wrestle me to the ground in a primal act of passion. You can feel it, can’t you?

You’ll notice that your pants are asking to be removed from your person, they no longer feel the need to hide your dainty epidermis.


Thaaaaaaat’s right.


NLP fans – The Milton model pick-up

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